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Green Fund

One of the largest private equity funds in Hungary, which actively contributes through its investments to Hungarian and European efforts to combat climate change and reach sustainable development.
Our goal is to create a positive environmental impact with our investments next to the financial yields.

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Green Fund

The Valor Green Fund invests in companies that operate in the field of renewable energy or possess other projects with a positive environmental impact. The fund primarily provides financing to companies engaged in the following activities:

  • preparation and development of solar power plants
  • production of other renewable energy (wind, geothermal, biogas, etc.)
  • waste recycling
  • energy storage
  • organic farming, bio farming


Investment opportunities are basically assessed on the basis of the economic feasibility of the business concepts presented by the applicant companies. The fund invests in the countries of the European Union, but mainly in Hungary. The registered capital of the fund is HUF 10 Billion, its two main owners are the Cashline Group and MFB Invest Zrt, the subsidiary of the state-owned Hungarian Development Bank Zrt.

Valor Capital Venture Capital Fund Management Ltd. is a member of Cashline Group, which has been playing an active role in private equity investments since the ’90s. Valor Capital is authorized by the Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority (Permission No. H-EN-III/139/2014.).




GreenTyre recycles used vehicle-tires and processes more than half of such hazardous waste generated in Hungary. The mission of GreenTyre Zrt. is to protect Hungary, the Hungarian natural environment, from the polluting effects of a significant part of the generated domestic used tire waste. The applied technology implements the processing of tire waste in a closed system, enabling the rubber to be reused as a playground, sports ground cover, etc.

50 MW Kft.

A 50 MW peak-capacity solar power plant development project near the cities of Fehérgyarmat and Penyige, where the permitting process is currently underway. After completion, the generated solar electricity will be fed into the grid.

Nyírség Watt Kft.

A 25 MW peak-capacity solar power plant development project next to the settlement of Vasmegyer, which has ready-to-build status. After completion, the generated solar electricity will be fed into the grid.

Graduw Invest Zrt.

Graduw Invest possesses a portfolio of Hungarian and Czech Tesco hypermarket buildings. Its main goal is the renovation and operation of these assets in accordance with ESG principles.

Green Fund


Our goal is to have a positive environmental impact through our investments, in line with the EU Paris Climate Agreement and Article 9 under SFDR.

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Solar power plant projects 75 MW


Compiance with UN Sustainable Development Goals 100%

Co2 intensity 156 tCO2e/M€