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Venture Capital Funds

Valor Capital Venture Capital Fund Management Ltd. is a member of Cashline Group, which has been playing an active role in venture capital and private equity investments since the ’90s. Valor Capital is authorized by the Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority (Permission No. H-EN-III/139/2014.).

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Venture Capital Funds

Valor Capital Venture Capital Fund Management Ltd`s management and staff are well qualified investment experts having significant domestic, regional and international experience. They manage the Valor Capital Venture Capital and Forte Venture Capital funds, which invested into innovative early and growth stage startups between 2014 and 2016. Investments were mainly from IT, green energy and media-entertainment sectors. As of now the funds are active in portfoliomanagement and exits, but new venture capital investments are continuously made by Cashline Investments.



Aluinvent Zrt.

Years of research resulted in the invention of a new-type, superlight and reusable aluminium foam made from different composition alloys, called ALUHAB. The developed technology provides extremely stabile metallic foams, so they can easily be molded, re-melted and reused. The aim of Aluinvent Ltd. is to provide a new, aluminium-based material produced via an environmental-friendly and energy-effective production technology to the segments of the construction, machinery and vehicle industries all over the World. In 2015 Aluinvent won the Industrial Innovation Award in Hungary.

BauApp Kft.

BauApp offers quality control solutions for the construction industry. They provide the ability with their applications to easily manage and track error tickets, checklists, documentation, and storage processes. Thanks to their BI Dashboard development, it facilitates information processing and data visualization.

FFR Optimum Geotermia Kft.

FFR Optimum Geotermia is a company dealing with the development of a standardised high-level heat-energy process control system. Its aim is to construct a comprehensive high-level energy control system, realise its software implementation, and utilisation, facilitating the high-level cost-effective harmonisation and optimisation of the usage of different energy sources (solar energy, biomass, gas, geothermal energy, etc.).

Fiedler Capital Hungary Zrt.

Fiedler Capital Hungary Zrt. is an incubator offering a 12-18 months tematized business development program to a carefully selected circle of tech startups in order to make them more competitive and more likely to attract and able to involve capital.

FullCard Zrt.

FullCard Ltd. has been established to develop and adapt to different operating systems the same-named mobile application, as well as, to operate the real and virtual background infrastructure of the system. The app is able to scan in different loyalty cards that can be used as physical ones; the actual offers and discount coupons of shops, as well as, opening hours and other shopping information can be delivered to customers in a targeted way. Shops can acquire very exact shopping statistics via this application.


District heating in Miskolc has been solved by utilising the heat of the Earth since 2013. The heat-energy of the excavated approximately 90°C geothermic liquid is used, among others, to provide district heating to Avas block of flats. Following to the usage to heat, the geothermic water with temperature of 55 - 60°C is reinjected to the Earth’s crust. With the involvement of Geo-Wendung previous to the reinjection additional energy can be extracted in an environmental-friendly way from the currently unused heat-energy to industry and agriculture in the region of Mályi and Kistokaj. Geo-Wendung, beside of the realization of the necessary infrastructure (pipes, pumps, heat-exchangers, etc.), intends to provide the utilisation of the largest possible portion of the waste-heat by the organisation and continuous optimising of demand-side.


Mobilengine is a leading mobile enterprise workflow management solution. It helps companies automate field work, making the company paperless, therefore boosting efficiency and management transparency for field worker divisions, being active outside the office such as logistics, maintenance, healtcare, construction, etc.

MT-Immo Kft

The aim of MT-Immo Ltd. is to let out plots and superstructures appropriate for operating tobacco shops to companies and private individuals possessing tobacco sales concessions utilizing its accumulated tobacco sales and retail market experience. In order to achieve this the company purchases existing rental contracts, signs new ones, as well as, negotiates new agreements with further retail chains consolidating the market.


Newsonia.com is a 24-hour international, (moving) image-based news agency delivering the most interesting pieces of news that happen around the world. People may buy raw content, or edited, complete reports from it. Additionally, Newsonia is an online marketplace where people can upload their videos and pictures for selling them. Moreover, Newsonia possesses an online TV broadcasting edited reports based on the website.

Pannon Drill Kft.

The aim of Pannon Drill Ltd. is to drill oil, gas, shale oil, shale gas and geothermal wells in Hungary, in the Carpathian-basin, as well as, in the Middle East. In order to accomplish these projects, the company possesses a modern, mobile drilling equipment, as well as, a team having remarkable professional experience.

Robot Informatika Zrt.

Robot Informatika Zrt.'s main activities include individual software-, web programming putting special emphasis on mobil application development.


The aim of SMART INNOVATIONS Ltd. is to develop an innovative smart-network solution not only metering and forwarding data on water, gas and electricity consumption, but processing the above, being able to handle all of the players of the water, gas and electricity systems thus optimising the consumption.

Statzup Kft.

Statzup is a global supplier of fantasy sports games. Statzup’s diverse multi-platform fantasy sports solutions help companies, sport-associations, and clubs to deliver these white-label to their users around the world. Statzup also operates „The Fantasy Football”, an internet-based fantasy soccer game, whith significant global userbase.

Urban Coffee Company

Urban’s vision is to establish a new standard of service for those partners committed to launching flexible venues in unique places. Container venue solutions provide attractive environments for customers and high profit potential for franchise partners or stand-alone service providers. They believe that together with their high quality vending stalls and approach, industrious vendors will thrive. Urban also operates „The Rusty Coffe Box” chain.

Well Research Kft.

A significant portion of district heating service of Avas warren at Miskolc is provided by geothermal renewable energy. Due to the long-term sustainability of the geothermal system, the so-called reinjection wells responsible for returning the used lower-temperature water underground are vital. Well Research Ltd. is established to operate a reinjection well. The sustainable, economical and effective operation of reinjection wells is a priority, so Well Research Ltd. is active on the field of research in order to achieve the most optimal operating methodology.

World Expression Entertainment Zrt

The aim of World Expression Entertainment Ltd. is to create musical shows and interactive exhibitions targeting the young generation. The musical action fairy tale called “The Game Maker” was presented at Budapest in December 2014 and 2015 with enormous success. The shows were seen by more than 100,000 people. This was followed by the 3D action musical, „Dream Traveller” with similar success in 2017-2018. In the meantime World Expression has created „The Champion”, a travelling interactive sport-exhibition, which was presented in several countries.